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Perika Story

Perika EA, and her friends live in the busy city of Forex and among its long and short candles, they collect pips in this market. Perika's character is designed with price action algorithms and complex trading strategies, and the rest of the EAs are also programmed with different algorithms.

The EAs move through the market analyze the data and open a trade whenever their virtual eye blinks. First, download the EA and check it by taking a backtest and live test. All EAs have optimization capabilities and you can change and optimize their values as you wish. The expiration date of all robots is until the beginning of 2024 and they are in demo form, and after that date, you can download the optimized EAs again. The use of these EAs in live transactions is free for 6 months, and because they are set up with data broker Lirunex, you can get excellent results in this broker. Send it to us so that our programmers can replace the desired values and provide you with the appropriate ones for your exchange. Note that the simultaneous use of several EAs in trading and changing their values will give you much better results in trading.

Perika EA

Price Action

Dojira EA

Doji Candlestick

Macdyno EA


Autrina EA

Trend Lines

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EA Details:

General Perika Macdyno Dojira
All currency pairs
update version in Luixo
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Free on Lirunex broker
Optimization capability
Support in live chat
As an assistant and robot

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Let's get to know Lirunx

Lirunex Broker is dedicated to modern technology practices. In particular, customers can trade with Meta Trader 4, a popular trading platform for quick access and control of their trading accounts.


❇️The minimum deposit is 25 $

❇️ The spread is from 1.0 pips on the main pairs

❇️ The maximum leverage is 1:1000

❇️ There is no commission

❇️Deposit and withdrawal with USDT

❇️ The minimum trade volume is 0.01

❇️ Hedging is allowed

❇️Copy trading account

❇️Zulu Trading Auto trading

❇️Pamm's account is very attractive

❇️ There are Islamic accounts without swaps.

❇️ There is negative balance coverage.

❇️Support through Telegram, online chat, and phone

❇️ There is a personal account manager

❇️Guarantee of each account through insurance up to 300,000 dollars

❇️ Lirunex Brokers traders are trained.

❇️ 20% Stop Out

💰💰20.000 dollar Lirunex broker Bonus

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3 years in Asia


Lirunex celebrated its 7th anniversary and received its 5th license. Check it in Wikifx




7th year